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T​ackle whatever winter throws at you and buy this Audi RS2

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I​ always secretly found wagons to be pretty cool. Even though they are for those who drink tea with their pinkie fingers in the air and are for people at least 54 years old, they are cool. As I have thankfully found out, this is one of my many opinions that can actually be backed up by many other people, which means I won't get stabbed with a pitchfork in the comments. But now you know where I lie.

M​any great wagons have come and gone over the last few decades. From the bulbous American Station Wagons to the spy-hunting European thoroughbreds, there are plenty of really good estates for anyone's needs. However, not as many are as great as this beast. Enter the 1994 Audi RS2 Avant, A.K.A the first Audi wagon and first car to wear Audi's RS badge.

I​magine this: Your boss (for some reason) is feeling nice and gives you a Friday off. That means you have three days to do whatever the hell you want. Want to climb a mountain? Sure. Challenge yourself with a top-speed run on the Autobahn? I don't see why not. Teach the kid and your massive Mastiff how to ski? Of course. With the RS2 there is no limit to the amount of fun you are able to have. Porsche made it great on the road, and Audi made it so it is great everywhere else but the road. And yes, you did hear that right.

W​hereas this thing may have taken some Viagra and now has a long and hard roofline, and wears an Audi badge, such a level of greatness can't possible come from one German company. VW cousin-in-law Porsche stepped in and took care of the suspension and brakes for this beast, which is want makes this thing so great to drive. If you are indeed a Porsche fan, you will notice those beautiful Porsche Cup wheels, which have basically been pried straight off of the Porsche 964 Turbo or 968 Clubsport and onto this dad-wagon.

A​nd sure, Porsche worked their magic with the suspension and handling and stuff you can't see, but Audi basically took hold of everything else.

U​nder the elegant black thing that hangs in front of the windshield is the Audi 2.2L five-cylinder, which is good because we all love an inline-5 Audi. Oh yeah, and of course it's turbocharged, because it's 1994 and being naturally-aspirated is just so 1989.

W​hen new a long time ago, 311 horses pulled this cart, and 302 ft. lbs were laid down to each of the four wheels, which brings me to my next point. It wouldn't be a real Audi if you opened up its body, dug through it's guts, and you didn't find the notorious Audi Quattro AWD system underneath. So, like I said above, Porsche was there for you to get there safe, and Audi was there for you to get wherever you need to be as fast as possible, no matter what route you took.

O​h yeah, and it has a 6-speed manual of course.

T​his specific example is one of 2,900 RS2's built, and less you live in a town with a population of yourself, it won't be winning any Concourses. Thankfully though, as with most RS2's, it has been driven, which means you shouldn't be too scared to spill ice cream on those heated black leather and blue Alcantara Recaro seats.

As a matter of fact, this really was more of an asphalt king than a garage queen because it has 135,000 kilometers, or roughly 84,000 miles. It too has some spider cracking in that Brilliant Black paint, and some dings and bruises on the outside. But then again, once your driving this thing, you won't really care about that stuff anymore. Hell, you might just add to the cosmetic damage, in which I, along with many others, would praise you for using the car properly.

S​o all in all, fit-and-finish isn't the greatest, while it is still presented well. What we see is a drivers car, not one that has been sitting all its life and probably won't start. You can take all of your 5 dogs, 7 children, and fit 30 pair of skis in the back for any long weekend your boss will never give you, and you can truly enjoy the RS2 for what it is.

S​ure, wagons are (supposedly) meant for the old and feeble, who wear long faces on Wednesday's and wear oxygen masks at night. But these people have the best stories to tell, and I'm sure this car is the same way. Only difference being, it still all works.

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