Taka Higashino rides his motorcycle on top of a skyscraper

You really need a lot of courage to do that

2y ago

Taka Higashino, who is a Japanese daredevil, took his Yamaha to new heights at Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand.

The rider was planning four laps and a wheelie but due to strong winds he had to leave the idea of doing a wheelie and only do two laps, which still is impression considering that he was 192 meters high.

I'm actually afraid of heights, and this was not exactly what I was expecting

Taka Higashino

He not only had to battle the strong winds and a incoming storm but his fear of heights.

"The first time around, halfway I wanted to cry, stop and jump off. The view was trippy, I was going, 'Oh my god, I can't watch'. Sometimes, watching the floor felt like a dream, not real."

Although this isn't the first time that Taka Higashino had made history because he has won 3 times gold medal at the X Games.

He first ever started riding at the age of 7 years old and once he turned 18 he became a professional rider. The 33 year old was doing this dangerous stunt for promotion of the Monster Energy SX-Open at Mount Smart Stadium.

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Comments (6)

  • he has safety ropes...i would do that!

      2 years ago
  • So scary, was hard to watch!😁

      2 years ago