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Take a garage tour at HGK Racing

Drift Games gives you a behind the scenes look at where the best drift cars in the world are made.


It seems like HGK Racing and E92 Eurofighters are on the tip of my tongue as of late and for good reason. Professional drifter James Deane took the top spot at the 2020 DMEC King of Riga event in a HGK E92 Eurofighter, Formula Drift competitor Josh Robinson began documenting how he is creating a DIY E92 Eurofighter collecting parts from HGK, and even HGK Racing recently released an online store where you can purchase your own E92 Eurofighter part by part.

In the video above, Drift Games' Dave Egan gets a personal tour of HGK Racing by the "K" in HGK professional drifter Kristaps Bluss. HGK Racing is tucked behind the grandstands at the Bikernieki Circuit in Riga, where the King of Riga event occured. For all the details on the shop that builds the best drift cars in the world check out the video above!

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