Take a good look at Ken Block's F-150 Raptor because you can only do it once

Remember Clarkson's 'Collapsed Son'? Well forget about it because this is better (or worse, depending on your point of view)

When Clarkson and May 'raced' to rescue Hammond from Lone Wolf Mountain in the Rockies in Canada, Jeremy was driving a Hennessey Velociraptor equipped high-beam headlights or, as Jeremy would call them, a 'collapsed sun'. It was indeed bright and impressive but that's nothing when compared to Ken Block's truck's three thousand suns.


The famous rally driver has teamed up with Rigid Industries, an American company that specializes in LED lighting, to fit over 300,000 lumens to his SVC Offroad Ford Raptor. They began by installing a set of DX-L Pro pods on the front bumper and a string of R-Series spotlights. They also fitted R-Series pods on the roof, and three 50-inch Combo E-Series Pro lightbars.

The LED light bars can be controlled via GPS to adjust your beam according to speed, surface and a variety of different factors. As you accelerate, the beam gets narrower and more focused whereas it gets wider as you slow down. That's overkill, of course, but it's just a bit of fun. And it's even more fun when you consider the fact that Raptor wasn't exactly standard to begin with because it comes with a nine-inch rear diff with a ten-inch ring gear, triple-bypass shocks, adjustable hydraulic suspension and SVC trackbars.

It's obviously unnecessary but I think it's also cool. And then again we're talking about Ken Block, we all love him, a made who made name for himself by hooning cars around.

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Comments (3)

  • Honestly the most unnecessary thing I'v seen for a minute.

      8 days ago
  • Nothing like the sun

      23 days ago
  • This is another comment I left regarding this vehicle.

    Star light. Star bright. It's Ken Block's STAR we see tonight!

      24 days ago