Take a look at marklund motorsport's new rx cars

1y ago


The two new cars were announced on various social media platforms, and have so far attracted a lot of attention. And quite rightly so, the cars are absolutely beautiful with amazing designs on them.

Magda Anderson was the first Swedish woman to win a round in the European Rallycross Championship, and was the European 2016 Rallycross champion in the Touring Car catagory, not bad, especially when you consider the fact that she's only 18 years old!

A look at the rear of the new cars

These new Polos, have been upgraded from last years models, of which Marklund gave his supercar to Guy Wilks to drive during the 2017 season. At first glance we can see that front bumpers have a small change to them, they look more rounded and less aggressive, and the same has been done to the rear. However, the rest looks pretty much the same.

It's great seeing new cars in the championship, as well as new racers, personally I think there will be a great rivarly between Anderson, and Team Peugoet-Hansen driver, Kevin Hansen . These are both drivers who have upgraded from the Euro RX Championship, and have both shown excellent potential!

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I'm happy to show you my 2017's beauty and to welcome Loco Energy Drink onboard! Can't wait to get the season started!

Anton Marklund


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