Take a look at this restored Ford Escort Mexico AVO.

Darren was the proud owner for 14 years and did wonders in restoring this stunning Escort Mexico AVO. You won't be disappointed!

45w ago

14 years ago, Darren was in the market for a little runaround to get him to the city centre every morning.

By loving classics so much he didn’t want to buy some crappy Ford Fiesta off ‘John' the builder down the road who didn’t have the decency to get the car MOT’d. (No offence to any builders). Instead, he thought he could kill two birds with one stone as a passionate mechanic - a restoration project!

After driving the rusty Mk1 Escort Mexico AVO around for a couple of years, he thought the time was right to start restoring the car. A friend helped him do a full metal respray, whilst Darren worked on a full engine overhaul as well as the interior, it wasn’t any surprise this car was sold at auction on the higher end of the guide price at £34,980. With the number of pictures and videos we took of the car, no one even thought about visiting before it was snapped up under the hammer.


Darren's friend had the car taken to Cardiff for the respray. Right down to the bare metal, they worked tirelessly to make sure the works were even across the whole car. The beautiful 'mexico' detailing was later added to the car in black, providing a striking contrast with the newly painted Daytona Yellow.

Not to forget how low the car sits, it looks great!


Darren mentions he has replaced the seats, adding the correct contour bucket style. Like with all other parts added from an expert restoration, the seats and carpets are in immaculate condition. New floor pans were added to diminish any possible signs of rust.

The 3-spoke racing wheel maintains great padding and stitching. The original Escort gear stick is presented in a worn condition that adds a nice touch to the overall interior.


This is where the restoration really comes to life. With a new 1700cc crossflow engine with a WPE cover that looks great too. It also has a 254 Hotrod camshaft lightened and balanced. The engine bay really looks stunning and sounds fantastic too!

On the Road

As part of the listing, Darren decided to take us on a little drive out around his local area. He explains in more depth the restoration further and shows great insight into what living with this beautiful example really is like.



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  • Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Great restoration job. Would take that over any super car without question. My dream car.

    Great article 👍

      10 months ago