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Take a trip back to the heart of the GDR with this cute Trabant

A very 1980's car!

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Some cars such as the Volkswagen Beetle, the Porsche 911 or the Ford T are true worldwide symbols. If these cars are particularly well known, others are a little less, wrongly so. The Trabant, for example, is also a cult vehicle that has made history in Germany and the rest of the world.

It was the vehicle that enabled millions of Germans to cross the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 and put an end to the Cold War. The Trabant therefore fully deserves this historic status despite a more than outdated conception, even at the time. The car offered everything as an option, including seats, belts and steering wheel!

As a result, the cost of a decent model was rising rather quickly. Luckily, in the GDR you could also get a Trabant for free if you were a good citizen. But the delivery times were incredibly long and could be as long as...15 years!

Youtuber Joe Black takes us on a short tour aboard a 1991 Trabant 1.1, one of the latest models of the famous car that succeeded the legendary Trabant 601. The vehicle has a 1.1-litre four-cylinder with a specific sound, developing 41 PS and 74 Nm of torque. All this is sent to the front wheels via a four-speed manual gearbox.


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