T​ake Apart Your Lego 911, You Can Now Build A Stratos

N​o need for the Porsche

3w ago


Lego's Technic lineup is quite an impressive one. They have the Defender, the Chiron, the DB5, the Corvette, the 911 GT3. And a digger. They have a set for all markets, except for the off-road rally car market. But now there is.

While it isn't Lego, it is made out of a Lego car. Recently, someone made a Lancia Stratos out of a Technic Porsche 911 GT3 and has shared the instructions! But there's a catch. The instructions cost $17. Then again that's hardly a lot of money for something as cool as Stratos, especially since you already paid $800 for the 911.

The engine, gearbox and steering are all where they should be and work. While the interior isn't quite as detailed as the original, the main focus is on the incredible exterior.


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Comments (3)

  • That's awesome! But all the premium Technics are *WAYYY* overpriced. I don't happen to have £700 lying around in my pocket. I don't have a premium Technic. And to pay some more for new instructions?

      23 days ago
  • Much improved!

      22 days ago
  • Indeed awesome, how much is too much to spend on Lego (technic or otherwise)?

      22 days ago