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When you think of the greatest rally drivers of all time; Mcrae, Loeb, Vatanen, Sainz, Ogier... you do just that, think solely of the drivers. However behind every rally legend is the voice that guides them, the co-driver. Without them they would quite literally be lost but they are way more than just simple navigators. They are the difference between winning and loosing, between life and death.

It's not all straight forward being a co-driver.

"You're the best in the world"

Richard Burns on Co-driver Robert Reid

The very nature of rallying is driving blind around various corners through tough environments. The Co-driver relays vital details and instructions to the driver no matter what, they are the eyes and brain of the driver. Its a unique relationship in not only motorsport but the entire world of sport. Two people so reliant on each other to achieve a common goal and in order to achieve that goal they must have incredible levels of trust in each others ability and skill. The driver to keep the vehicle on the road pointing in the right direction and get to the finish as fast as possible. And the Co-driver to relay calmly and coherently detailed instructions under pressure. When this relationships works its unstoppable.

Its a unique relationship in not only motorsport but the entire world of sport.

So its about time we heard from the Co-drivers and this tribe is for them. There will interviews from the world of rally, reviews of gear and general news from the left hand seat. Myself I am low on the ladder, starting out but I am well placed to note down this journey and update you on my trials and tribulations. I am super excited for this tribe to grow and to be able to capture the determination and daring spirit of this unknown world of motorsport, the Co-driver.