- 2020 Yamaha TMAX 560

Take riding with style to the max with the 2020 Yamaha TMAX 560

NOW in its seventh generation, and fitted with the largest motor its every had, the 2020 Yamaha TMAX 560 will have you riding in style.

Featuring revised body styling, updated suspension and optimised electronics, the TMAX sports a new twin-cylinder engine, its boost in performance comes via a larger capacity 560cc engine producing 3.5 per cent more power and 6.0 per cent more torque than ever before.

The TMAX is powered by one of the lightest and smoothest engines in the maxi scooter class, with a compact design that allows a larger under seat storage area.

The class-leading chassis is fitted with 41mm upside down front forks and link-type Monocross rear suspension, comparable to systems fitted to larger capacity Yamaha motorcycles.

The 2020 TMAX 560 is available from Yamaha dealers at a ready to ride price of $16,749 Australian dollars (inclusive of GST), with a choice of Icon Grey or Sword Grey colours.


It features two level D-Mode ride modes, smart key key-less ignition, optimised suspension settings, LED tail light and front indicators, and a centre stand locking system.

The TMAX also comes with TFT instruments and central dashboard display, which includes an odometer, two trip meters, current fuel consumption, outside temperature and indicator lights for the traction control system and D-Mode setting.

The 2020 Yamaha TMAX 560 is learner approved, and more information can be found at Yamaha Motor Australia.

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With the power on offer, the TMAX is more than just a scooter. Thoughts?

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