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This is a quiz with a difference. It's in reverse gear, it's back to front. Consider it; a quiz where it's right to be wrong, and wrong to be right. You WILL be graded on your answers!

James May is well-known for:

  • Flamboyant Flowery Shirts
  • High-speed Driving
  • Saying 'Cock'
  • Being a competent pianist

The Porsche 911:

  • Is rear-engine
  • Was originally a copy of the first VW Beetle
  • Is one of the few German cars not to be limited to 155mph
  • Is available as a coupe, convertible or targa

As well as 'The Grand Tour' Jeremy Clarkson has hosted:

  • Top Gear
  • Have I Got News for You
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Alfa Romeo is well-known for:

  • Rock-solid reliability
  • Being a brand true petrolheads should aspire to own
  • The Quadrifoglia sub-brand
  • Commissioning the likes of Bertone, Pininfarina and Zagato for bodywork

The Ford RS200 was:

  • A mid-engined rally car
  • Ford's entry into Group B racing
  • 4 wheel drive
  • A popular 2+2 coupe

Rick Hammond:

  • Once crashed a Vampire Dragster
  • Once Crashed a Rimac Concept 1
  • Lives at Bollitree Castle
  • Was arrested for dealing cannabis during his mis-spent youth

Lister are known for:

  • Their Storm Race car
  • Tuning the Jaguar F-Pace
  • Producing a Ferrari-beating version of the XJS
  • Their high-performance version of the Bristol Blenheim

The Focus ST:

  • Is a performance version of a popular medium-sized hatchback
  • For a long time was the daily drive of DriveTriber Martyn Stanley
  • Stands for Focus 'Sport-Tuned'
  • Won the 2017 Silverstone Junior Rallycross Division 2 championship

The Original Land Rover Defender:

  • Can mostly be disassembled with a set of spanners
  • Is regarded as a capable off-roader
  • Has sky-rocketed in price in the used market since production ended
  • Is known for being the least 'prone to leaking water in' cars on the market


  • Richard Hammond has raced in them at least twice
  • Featured in an American Grand Tour special
  • Are called RVs in America
  • Require a specific, additional license to drive in the UK

The Matra Simca Bagheera:

  • Was a French Sportscar
  • Had 3 seats across but no rear seats
  • Was mid-engined
  • Came second at Le Mans on more than one occasion


  • Was founded by a man called Enzo
  • Is associated with Modena, Italy
  • Produced a concept called the Mythos
  • Has never been owned even in part, by FIAT

The Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake:

  • Was an AWD Hyper-Estate
  • Was Jaguar's fastest estate car at the time
  • Had over 500PS
  • Did 0-60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds

The Grand Tour:

  • Has production input from Andy Willman
  • Abandoned Celebrity Brain Crash before the public got to see it played
  • Was made into a videogame for Xbox and Playstation
  • Originally featured Chris Evans as host

The LM002:

  • Was Lamborghini's first SUV
  • Sat 6
  • Was originally code-named Cheetah
  • Was conceived as a military vehicle


  • Was originally the 'Swallow Side-car Company'
  • Is owned by TATA
  • Once held the production car speed record with the XJ220
  • Sells more saloon cars year-on-year than Audi

This Land Rover Cuthbertson:

  • Had a top speed of 35 mph
  • Features 12" wide tracks
  • Was based on a Series II
  • Was commissioned by the SAS for use in the Falklands

The Dauer 962LM:

  • Is basically a Porsche
  • Is made from an ex-race car
  • Has over 100 litres of luggage space
  • Has been recorded at over 250 mph

The JCB 8015:

  • Has a Perkins engine
  • Weighs over 1.5 tons
  • Is JCB's entry into the mini-digger market
  • Is actually a re-badged Kubota

The Clarkson Excellent:

  • Features a Land Rover Engine
  • Originally featured coachwork by MG
  • Was powered by a V8 engine
  • Was scrapped by Clarkson shortly after the show aired

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