Taking a look at the half-unicorn-half-dark-horse car

Hello, DriveTribers, and welcome to, what would’ve been called in the olden days of newspapers, an article. Last week we had a go at a very conservative product from the Miniatures’ automotive industry. However, this week we’ll be looking at a not so similar car; it’s the Nissan 370Z!
When I looked at this car for the first time, I couldn’t stop myself from noticing the non-existing door mirrors. Something that the Miniatures’ automotive industry seems to not pay too much attention to. If you’re a Miniature whose ancestors are Anglo-Saxon miniatures, then you won’t be happy with the fact that the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car. Moreover, if you were to drive in Africa in this car, the doors would be the first parts of the car to get knackred thanks to Hot Wheels’ mind-boggling engineering. Getting Sir C**k in the car was more of an issue than it was last week with the Escort. I probably need to saw off his legs, and give him miniature Pringles cans with joints. There are also utterly unnecessary gaps between the doors and the roof.
But don’t let all of that put you off because the dials are correctly positioned on the dashboard in this car. The wheels couldn’t have been more crisp and attractive; they’re a carbon, or indeed a plastic, copy of a Giants’ Merc. It can be clearly seen that an unthinkably stupendous amount of art and painting finesse has been put into the exterior and the stickers and also, quite surprisingly, the logo on the back of the car. Unless it was done with the assistance of a computer. But that’s unlikely because computers habitually get it right, and some paint went on the windscreen indicating a human error.
Now, I haven’t given this car an electric engine, but if it had “it’ll be like a creature that’s a unicorn in the morning and Dark Knight’s horse in the evening” were Sir C**k’s words…or expressions since he doesn’t talk. But when I get a top view of it, it looks like a toad-hare hybrid that wants to jump unimaginable distances to whitewash that cocky tortoise. The image in my mind of it is it floating on a burning cloud in beautifully blue sky.
So if I were a Miniature and I had 20 Egyptian Pounds to either spend on Ford Escort, some friends, you can buy miniature friends for 20 pounds in Egypt, or a Nissan 370Z, I’d definitely pick the Nissan. Hang on, the Miniatures’ products of the automotive industry are all the same price. And on that bombshell, I’m afraid I have to end there. Thank you so much for reading. Buhbye.