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Sure, the header might have been a tad bit of clickbait, but if you were really looking for something of the sort, you're probably on the wrong site.

Finally, an idea conceived months ago has now come to fruition. Done with overthinking every possible scenario, I decided at last to hunker down and perform the daunting task of typing a bunch of words on a laptop. I know that around here parts the usual question is "how hard can it be?" but I already know that it is, hence the months overthinking. But alas, here we are anyway.

The goal is simple: to write my regular driving experiences with my new companion - a 2020 Ford Ranger XLS Sport. Whether it's traveling to far away places or just the daily commute, I just thought of it as a good idea to write about my musings while driving.

These days, there's not a lot of places I can go to with huge parts of our main cities still on community quarantine, but we'll try and make do with what we have 'til everything opens up again. For example, the shot below was from a parking lot of a mall just a stone's throw away from my home here in the Philippines.

If you don't bother zooming in, the car looks clean enough.

If you don't bother zooming in, the car looks clean enough.

It wasn't much of a thought process selecting this particular unit. Like a glove, it fit my three simple parameters of being 1) a pickup truck, 2) having a 4x4 drivetrain and 3) manual transmission. And being a Ford guy since I learned how to drive, this model became a no-brainer.

The Ranger is well known around these hills, and has been a Philippine road staple (and most non-North American roads as well) for nearly a decade, so there's really no need to delve to the specifics of the car other than the one I have being a 2.2 litre with 160 horses, good enough to gallop through most trails and tarmac.

Not the snazziest of dashes, but gets the job done.

Not the snazziest of dashes, but gets the job done.

While this is my first car purchase, this is not my first encounter with the T6 Ranger. My dad had a pearl white 2015 XLT model that he sold after just a couple of years to fund his purchase of a touring bike in what was an obvious case of mid-life crisis. And throughout the short span that he had the damn thing, I never got to drive it even once. So yeah, there may be a tinge of daddy issues but believe me, the car was worth buying even without the grudge.

But having been in possession of this bad boy for over eight months now, it's been everything I have wanted and more. It unmistakably rides like a pickup truck, so unless your spine is made of titanium it will eventually get pulverised to powder unless you load the bed with stuff. The body roll is just as bad, but if there's any redeeming value with the driving experience, undoubtedly it's the lightness of the steering. I can match the Ranger's steering up against some mainstream sedans out there and this will be just as light, if not lighter than theirs are.

The turbo isn't bad either. Not a particularly big one so the spooling doesn't take long and the results are immediate, buzzing through long straits in tollways has become a joyful endeavour, which often gets cut off at around 130 km/h due to a built-in limiter that I forgot to request the dealer to take out - note to self as I am due for my next PMS at around 10,000km.

It's a 4x4 Ranger, just in case a guy at the stoplight wants to make sure.

It's a 4x4 Ranger, just in case a guy at the stoplight wants to make sure.

So maybe I really am taking on something big. And judging by the writing and the shots taken, there's still a long way to go. Looking forward to having fun doing it regardless.

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