- Saying goodbye to the Bentley Bentayga Black Spec!

Taking The Bentayga Back To London To Get Ready For The AMG GT R!

The long 18 month wait is nearly over!

3y ago

So the time with the Bentley Bentayga Black Spec is almost over, and Tim takes the £229,000 luxury SUV from Frankfurt back to London to give back to Bentley. Having covered over 1000 miles since picking it up, the Bentley has been used to transport furniture to Tim's new flat in Frankfurt, including a few trips to and from Ikea!

4th November marks a very special date in the Shmee150 calendar. At 14:00 U.K. time, Tim will reveal his new Mercedes AMG GT R! After a long wait, the reveal of the new car is only around the corner. Watch the video for the teaser!

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