Taking the Rear-Engined, 675Kg Simca Rallye 3 to the absolute Limit

Onboard the rare French Sports Car with the talented Romain Richardeau at Osnabruck Bergrennen 2019

This little Monster is called Simca Rallye 3 and is quite the rare (but very popular) 70´s French Sports Car that has been converted into proper Racing Cars through the years both for Rallying and HillClimb Racing. This one is now powered by a 1300cc Engine unit capable of around 160Hp, moving only 675Kg and driven by Romain Richardeau, who might be the currest best driver of these quirky things.

At Osnabruck Bergrennen 2019 it certainly was possibly to see that as he posted a 1:05.889, positioning him above many Lancer Evo, BMW and many other much more powerful machines. And other than that, there´s the tremendous driving style. And for that just watch the Onboard footage. You will get a proper idea on how quick someone can be with something with little over 150Hp and a 5-Speed H-Pattern Manual Gearbox...

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