Taking the Yugoslavian FIAT 127 and turning into a 220Hp/700Kg Monster

Dejan Kopajtic is the responsible for this quirky Pocket Rocket

Dejan Kopajtic drives what is probably the fastest Race Car version of the quirky Zastava Yugo. For those who don´t kow, the Zastava Yugo was the "Old Yugoslavian" version of the Italian FIAT 127. Here it is using the 1.6 NA engine from a FIAT Bravo capable of around 220Hp to move only 700Kg.

Here it is attacking this year´s edition of Buzet HillClimb where it beat the 1600cc Class Record. What was originally made in the 70´s as an affordable version of a dependable little Italian Hatchbak, ended up transformed into a little Speed Demon in our decade.

In the end, that´s exactly what Hillclimb Racing is all about.

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