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    Tales of a Petrolhead Chapter 4: Rush & Emergency.

    penultimate chapter of this series of books, soon the outcome will arrive


    Memories of the past days on Valencia were flowing trough my head, when I visited the aquarium, went to watch a movie…I even took May for a canyon run on my sportscar and even let her drive, even running away out to Madrid just to be there in the sun plaza to celebrate new year… these last days had been unforgettable for me despite of me knowing about her Illness, I remembered the last two years in which I ran away to Germany with almost less than 1000 bucks under my pocket only to see her recovering back at hospital, luckily one of my friends had my back there a…

    “Hey A you comin` or what?!” I heard Joaquin shout to me as he was digging a firepit in the sand and poured the charcoal next to a few pieces of rotten dry wood he had found sitting around on his house, without thinking twice I left that train of thought and went to help him with the firepit he was currently struggling with, remembering stuff and enjoying it would have to wait for now.

    Getting up from the Car`s hood I moved over to the trunk and took the portable refrigerator with me along the coal I brought along just in case, some of his friends were gathered at the beach occasionally helping us to make the barbecue on the snow covered beach, it was weird to snow at sea level and much less in the City of Valencia on a 5th of January, in 3 days I would go back to work and return to the everyday routine, my friend Maya would return to her country and go back to message her on messaging apps just as I used to do, but at least something changed, I now had a car I enjoyed driving, one that I would use on weekends to entertain myself with.

    As I fiddled with the rotten wood and stuffed the fire pit with coal and threw a small bit of gas and lit a paper on fire shortly before throwing it to the firepit I looked over to the sea while hearing the annoyingly loud diesel container ships departing from the port but I knew this spot was good since nobody would bother us here, not even cops would bother try losing control and falling to the dock`s cold water over some modified cars on the snow

    victorious I saw the fire going up as my pal jumped back from the firepit, he fell on his butt before looking over to me while I stuck my hands on my pockets to help keep them warm

    “you went a bit hard with the gas…” he said while getting up, I replied that unless I did that there wouldn’t be any fire and we would eat cold squishy sausages, just before he replied my phone ringed, as I checked the number I saw my friend`s cellphone number and I got ready to reply in German just in case, I raised my finger to tell him to hold on for one second.

    “Alvaro? Ich habe schlechte Nachrichten ... es ist meine Tochter " I heard on the other side of the cellphone, thinking a bit and processing the words I finally managed to make out what may`s father had said to me, and I didn’t like it… not even a single bit of it, a strong impulse hit me on the chest as I knew I had to hurry there, running on the sand sinking my feet on it I ran to the parking lot before the confused look of my pack of friends which wondered what was going on, as I reached the Subaru I opened the door before shaking off quickly some snow from my sports shoes, closing the door and fastening the harness in a hurry I switched on the engine as I quickly remembered in which hospital may`s father was, I only knew that I was a long way away from it, but I still had to get there fast.

    throwing snow everywhere the Impreza reversed out from its parking spot before making the tires squeak against the snow-covered asphalt locking the brakes before doing a U-turn and rushing out of the beach towards the highway that went into the city, Joaquin stared at the Impreza that sped away from the beach, what made leave in a rush? What was going on? Although on his mind there was a voice that told him to chase after the fleeing Subaru another one told him that it was better to wait it out, getting into an accident while chasing a 4wd car with a Rwd car on the snow wasn’t worth it, still he went into his car and slowly drove away from the beach, there was still some worry on his head.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feeling the car bouncing up and down the potholes of the outer city roads that were empty at night and occasionally dodging the slow cars driving at turtle pace I could feel the EJ257 roaring furiously under the hood as I kept my foot on the throttle while trying to be careful with the other drivers, I was only 5 streets away from the hospital, her father told me he would wait me at the emergency door and guide me to the room where she was, as my car went down the ramp of the underpass that went under the roundabout at 150kph I thought about what had happened, "why was she in the hospital ?! during Christmas she was completely fine! What happened ?!" my mind was a storm of nervous thoughts as the Impreza scrapped the underside as I went upwards, as I noticed the inclination of the ramp and my speed I knew I was going to take off, as my car lifted the tires off the ground a flash of light struck my front, then ended with a strong hit that stunned me for 1 second before I stepped on it again, I could hear some scrapping on the rear as the bumper occasionally dragged a bit on the ground.

    I saw the U-turn to the emergency block of the hospital, it would be a tight turn but if I went through it fast I could win some seconds against the clock., I upshifted as the EJ257 increased pace and noticed how the corner approached me, braking a bit hearing the front tires slip a bit I swished the wheel to the left and ripped off the handbrake to rotate the rear and skid the four tires “full throttle and point where you want to go” just like Yoshida told me when I asked him how rally car drivers drifted four wheel drive cars like the Impreza.

    the four wheels of the Impreza screeched against the asphalt as I put my foot down on the throttle turning the wheel pointing it towards the inside of the corner confident about the car`s capability, as the front of my car went further away from the inside of the turn my eyes opened wide as I realized I had entered the corner too fast, the concrete wall came closer to my driver side, with a strong thud noise the Impreza smashed against the cement wall and grinded along it throwing sparks as the bodywork grinded against it, screaming for myself a second impact made my car bounce off the wall spinning out facing the wrong way before stalling heavily dropping a bit of smoke from the hood, luckily my time still didn`t arrive there.

    “fuck!” I shouted as I reversed and made my car face the right way and kept driving to the hospital, despite that accident I managed to make it there, I slowed down as I looked around for the emergency block entry on the parking lot, as soon I saw It I put my foot down and headed up the emergency ramp, stopping in front of the door I slammed the brakes feeling how the still wet tires squeaked against the asphalt stopping my car, turning the emergency lights and leaving it on neutral, feeling nervous I rushed out of the car and ran towards her father, whatever it was there was no time to lose, not now…


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