Tales of a petrolhead Chapter 6: Adventure on California.

The long awaited next installment of the series comes now!

“So, we are on our way to the finish line, right?” Joaquin said as he sat on the passenger seat of his own car, his M3 rarely was driven by anyone else but him, it took me a lot of begging for him to let me drive it on the long boring desert roads of California, so far we had left the forests behind and now we had a long way to go, it was currently night time and so far pretty late, 2 hours in the night… since the hotels were closed for any more guests at that time maybe we would have to find a underpass to park under and snooze for a couple of hours before resuming the road trip from New York to Los Angeles CA

“Yeah, have in mind that we can`t speed away easily… cops over here have more horsepower than our car has remember? ” I told him after remembering how many times he told me to gun it hard on the empty roads I said to my friend as I looked at the darkness ahead of me, the yellow tachometer of the Bmw although it tempted me to hit on the gas I somehow was quelled by the relatively cold Californian wind on night time, hearing that straight I6 with a straight pipe calmly “cruising” at 70mph also helped me keep it steady.

It had been a week ago since the road trip began, we weren`t racing for speed or show but rather this road trip was something else than the small part of charity behind. It was a road trip for people to meet the US in a completely different way, after all this first edition of the run rally was a pretty interesting travel package if we also counted that the 10 first travelers to reach the final part would be getting an extra reward.

“Seriously A, I would have smacked the shit out of that trans faggot with the Subaru forester back at the gas station, couldn’t you see how he was mocking you?”

Upon hearing this I looked at the copilot seat unimpressed then back at the road, I didn’t let him convince me to use his same ways of dealing with idiots. In some cases, it was best to shut up and let them think they had won the fight since a fight with a dumb idiot can never be truly won even if you have all the winning cards, it`s plain impossible, just like cutting a sausage with a deck of cards, a probability of 1 among 1 million that you will succeed.

“Do me a favor and keep looking at the map will you? Find a motel or at least a rest area so we can buy ourselves some damm coffee” I said slightly irritated, his slumped down position on the copilot seat like laying on a hammock was getting to me, treating this road trip as your average road trip, even if it was partly for charity the first 10 cars would be getting a reward and I knew we needed to get some lost time back on this wide stretch of road.

As I slightly pressed on the throttle to pass the pickup truck that was on our lane making the NA I6 come back to life slightly I looked on the distance just to see a state wagon, my speed climbed as I decided that maybe speeding a little more on late night on these lost desert roads wouldn’t hurt a bit too much, and cops were only close to the city anyway, in no time we would be strolling trough the highways on the city of Los Angeles.

“Is the Subaru idiot” joaquin said as he raised his head slightly above the dashboard level removing his view from his cellphone, he was still checking the route 71 and looking for a possible shortcut but now his attention focused on the Subaru forester that was cruising on that lane, he recognized the color along the numberplate.

The speedometer climbed in speed, from the 120kph to 140kph, as soon I spotted the number plate matching the one on the gas station I looked at the driver calmly driving like nothing happened at all, I remembered the shouting and how triggered he was at us over a statement back on the gas station even reaching the point of pushing me off before the gas station employees told him to back off or they would call the cops, that made the very few people present on the station look at us as if we caused the incident further embarrasing us, Getting more Irritated I heard the I6 of the Bmw starting to shout as I approached the forester on the oncoming lane about to pass him, my decision already done, he would be getting a free brake test.

As I passed the Forester and looked at the driver to make sure it was really him I swerved back into my lane and looked at the rearview mirror still irritated by the previous shitshow that idiot unleashed back then on the gas station, suddenly my foot changed positions and slammed hard on the brake pedal, my body tightly held by the seatbelt felt the force of the braking trying to throw me forward as the Bmw`s engine whined slowing down abruptly with the tires screeching against the asphalt fighting to stop the car quickly.

My friend`s face went Pale as the lights of the forester came close to our rear-view mirror before they disappeared only hearing a screech against the dirt, as I looked to my right again, I saw the Station wagon out of control spinning out on the sand before getting stuck on a small mound on the terrain, satisfied with this result I dumped the car into fourth gear and sank my foot back on the throttle.

“Holy shit! are you nuts?!” He shouted as the acceleration pushed him against the seat, the engine now howled as we sped away from the station wagon

“Hope you know who to mess with next time” I said for myself as I looked again at the rearview mirror, the forester pointing up to the sky stuck on the mound opened its driver door, the pickup truck we passed pulled over to aid the driver of the Subaru with the emergency lights switched on, maybe we did a unreasonable move with him slamming on the brakes but knowing the magnitude of his sheer idiotness my move was proportional to his.

“Look man, I can`t stand idiots and you know it… he earned it, remember that he tried to key your car after leaving the restaurant? He pretended to be only checking it out! But this is no…!” Our discussion went further for half an hour before we managed to finally cut it off and agree to play dumb if something happened regarding this incident.

“Pull over on this motel, let`s see if we can snooze for at least 4 hours ok?” my friend asked as he put his seat back to a sitting position finally deciding to get serious when I was about to pull up into the parking lot pretending to had been fully awake during the whole trip, I knew that it would have been better to have my father as a copilot on his Volvo since he would have been with me always even at late night but the tempting offer of driving a unusual European car on the states tempted me harder than ever and I gave in eventually.

Getting out of the car hearing only a few lone trucks and cars driving by I opened the trunk of the Car and pulled out from the spare wheel compartment a second set of number plates, usually used for car shows, I knew the car would be hot for a small while and even more when we got into the city, for now I only had to worry about fitting them and removing the temporary number plates.

*at the next morning*

“this road trip felt more like a race if I'm honest man… the idiots on the muscle cars speeding on the fog and that pileup… and of course that model 3 driver…” I looked over to A on the driver`s seat as he calmly cruised on the convoy of cars heading to the parking lot, at last he could relax.

“still it takes balls to drive at 80mph trough the fog barely seeing anything, you’re pretty courageous to say the least” I told him so he didn’t let down of the throttle, As I remembered the last part of this road trip I remembered one of my friend`s wishes, to travel around the US as a petrolhead would do, not only we visited the death valley & grand canyon, shopping around new York was only the appetizer of this adventure and of course he asked to pull over a while on Pittsburgh to check out that convention… yuck.

“ok, our GPS says we are the fastest travelers so far…45 hours, but we are way behind the rich guys” He told me glancing quickly at the entry gate pulling behind a orange Zonda. It was kind of unfair to begin with knowing the rules stated only 4-5-seater cars were allowed into the road trip however A reassured me that the Zonda was only a casual assistant to the road trip, not an actual contestant, so far the time table told us we were the 12th car to arrive from the road trip behind the big cars as the Jaguar XF or the ZZ28 that overtook us on Independence pass.

“so, where? In the inside parking or the outside? I'm sick of this Californian heat” I told A indirectly to park in the inside parking since I liked how the pictures would later look like.

“Ok…but you pay the cola” he replied shortly after revving my car`s engine a bit so a car spotter moved out of the way, the two crackles that came out from the exhaust however made the opposite as two went behind our car, as he entered the parking he turned the wheel rolling the car slowly into first, as we rolled the windows up and shut off the engine locking the car behind ourselves we saw a few people gathering around it taking pictures, so far we had a lot of stuff to check on the parking lot.

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