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Talking to David Dobrik about Cars

I spoke to youtube personality David Dobrik about his cars

2y ago

Recently I had the chance to talk to Youtube personality David Dobrik. David currently has about 12.7 million subscribers on Youtube, 8 million followers on Instagram, has the outstanding Views Podcast, and most importantly, a newly purchased Ferrari 458 Spider.

1. Which of your cars do prefer to daily drive (Tesla Model X or Ferrari 458 Spider)?

Very quickly, he answered his Tesla Model X. At first, I was a little surprised by his answer, but he swiftly explained why: practicality. If you watch David's videos, he spends a large amount of his time with his friends. The "mom van" as David described it, can hold far more people, which allows him to film videos and spend time with the important people in his life. Not to mention his Model X boasts an incredible 2.9 0-60 time. Do you know what's better than hanging out with your friends? Accelerating to 60 in 2.9 seconds with your friends in the back seat.

2. What is your favorite feature of the 458?

"This is going to sound lame, but I'm just a big sucker for a hardtop convertible." Can you blame him? If I lived in a place like Los Angeles, it would be my favorite feature as well. He even attributes the hardtop as the reason he chose a Ferrari over a Lamborghini. David also brought up that on the traffic-filled LA streets, being able to take to top off gives him far more visibility and comfort.

3. Did you consider any other supercar?

He was very interested in a McLaren. Who wouldn't be? He talked about how much he liked the steering feel and the maneuverability of the McLaren. He described it as "crazy" when talking about how it felt to drive. David ended up choosing the 458 because he liked how it felt to drive, looked, and its overall classic supercar appeal and even said "it felt like the top of the car would to me" and knew if he bought the Mclaren, he'd still want the Ferrari. "Its the most cliche nice car to have, and that's why I like it." He also struggled with choosing between the 458 and the 488, but after consulting his friends, he made his decision.

4. Are you considering buying the new Tesla Roadster?

"I genuinely just forgot about it until you just mentioned it and now I'm probably going to be thinking about it all over again."

You're welcome, Elon.

David was actually at the release of the new Tesla Semi trucks when the roadster was surprisingly unveiled. He reminisced about his overwhelming excitement, saying, " I was so excited because I like I love small cars and convertibles. My favorite car when I was younger was an MR2. I was in love with it". He said he was very interested because it is a hard top 4-seater with an insane acceleration.

5. If you could buy any car, no price limit, what would you buy?

After some thought, he said that it would probably be the roadster but then doubled back saying that he had his first experience driving a Rolls Royce. He thought he wouldn't like it, but its elegance and level of comfort won him over. " I hated Rolls Royce before; I thought it was stupid but after sitting inside of it just felt like I was on a boat.", "It's like driving a living room around."

6. Out of all the cars you purchased for your friends, which was your favorite?

"The Tesla would have to be my favorite because it's Tesla, but I really really liked my dad's BMW M2."

Both cars are great. David has bought his friends more cars than your average person would own in a lifetime. I'm not sure exactly how many he is at right now, but at one point it was around 12. Thank you, SeatGeek.

7. What car have you always wanted to drive?

His first thought it was the Tesla Roadster but quickly switched to the Ferrari La Ferrari. "I'd love to drive a super crazy million dollar car around."

8. Ford or Chevy?


9. Lamborghini or Ferrari?


10. Aston Martin or McLaren?


11. Rolls Royce or Bentley

Rolls Royce

12. Audi, Mercedes, or BMW


David is a great guy. You immediately get the impression that he is just a down to earth, regular person. He is another example of a situation in which you should meet your hero. While he might not consider himself a "car guy" right now, he is on his way. The main takeaway I had from this article was that he truly understands why we like cars. It isn't about the price tag or the pictures, but it is about driving what makes you happy. He loves his cars, and I am excited to see what he does next.

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