Talking to Ken Block at the Parc Expose

Southern Ohio Forest Rally

15w ago

When I found out Ken was going to be in my neck of the woods(literally). I knew I had to try my best to meet and get the chance to talk to him. Special thanks goes to Gabriel Ionica for giving me a helping hand.

Mike Aland VP of Hoonigan Racing was who I talked with and got this set up. When they were ready for me at the Parc Expose, Mike called me and had me cut through the crowd of people waiting for Ken. I was actually wondering if he was trying to get me killed.

Talking with Ken Block

Going into the Olympus Rally Ken was not feeling confident at the time with only about 50 test miles behind the wheel. This was the first time he had raced in a Subaru since 2009. After Olympus Ken said they worked on getting the car set to his driving style and the way he wants it to run. It's not fully there yet but he is definitely feeling more confident with it. Which shows since Ken did win Stage 1.

I have a special love of the Hoonicorn and the Gymkhanna/Climbkhanna series. While it is not farewell to the Hoonicorn but with no longer having a Ford sponsorship does not give reason to drive it. He is really excited to be with Subaru and is planning another car build. Unfortunately I was not given any hints to what this build may be. Ken has some great things planned for Gymkhanna as well and there are also no hints into what or where this will go. Either way I can't wait to see what he comes out with.

Good Luck Ken with the New England Forest Rally

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