tamburini t12 - the ultimate superbike

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3y ago

Imagine the perfect superbike. The very ultimate in performance and technology, with no expense spared.

The late, great Italian designer Massimo Tamburini had this dream for most of his career. Alas, he was never able to build his vision as the brands he worked for always had to make their machines down to a price.

Before his death in 2014, he penned his final concept, the T12 - It was his ultimate vision of the supreme machine.

Tamburini chose the finest engine available at the time, the superbike specification BMW inline-four, pushing out 220bhp.

Light-weight was always at the forefront of Tamburini's vision, and he achieved it with the T12 which tips the scales at just 150kg. He opted for a tubular frame with magnesium swingarm, similar to the Ducatis that he designed for decades.

As you'd expect, all of the braking and suspension components are of the highest possible quality available from Brembo and Ohlins.

Since Massimo's death, the project has been kept alive by his son Andrea. So far they've put together a couple of prototypes and the plan is to build each machine to order at an estimated cost of around £270,000.

Compared to the latest BMW HP4 race and Ducati Superleggera, it's incredibly expensive. The Tamburini offers something the others can't - and that's ultimate exclusivity and the stamp of the 20th century's finest motorcycle designer on the tank.

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