Taming the mess in your car

The cup-holder has functions that go far beyond holding cups.

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It has happened to every motorist: You ate an apple, unpacked a chewing gum, or simply opened the wrapping in which your tree-shaped air freshener had been in. What now?

Suddenly you were left with a piece of trash and with nowhere to put it. You can't hold it in your hand forever. Pulling over and walking to a bin and then going back to the car seems unnecessary. Throwing it out of the window? Don't be such a moron. What are you supposed to do? After all, cars don't come with bins. Or do they?

The best solution is the very simple cup-holder-bin™. Before you say "no, cup-holders are for holding cups" hear me out.

Admittedly I discovered this redeeming feature due to the state of my floor. By now, nobody is quite sure if it is wooden or carpet. And yet this chaos has a system: All the electronics are stored in a niche under my bed. The fluffy and warm jacket is in the pile near the window. Clothes that need to be washed are behind the door. Objects that need to be thrown away are in the Bin-Dropping-Zone.

My car is not all that different. I never make sure that all the air-vents point in the same direction. Usually I don't even change the clock. Why should I? In half a year the problem will solve itself. On top of that I never clean the mats because the next day I'll hop in with the same shoes. If you jump in with muddy shoes without cleaning them first, I need to have a stern word with your parents to let them know that they raised a big disappointment. I would not be surprised if a biologist would find a new species in my car that lives off used parking tickets and too high emissions.

Sooner than later my front cup-holder has turned into a small rubbish bin. In it you are going to find used parking tickets, sweet wrappers, one of those tiny cookies you get with your coffee, sunglasses, the shopping list from last week, and the box from my latest headphones.

The handy cup-holder-bin™

The handy cup-holder-bin™

This proves that the cup-holder has functions that go far beyond holding cups.

Furthermore, cars have too many cup-holders. Most of the time there is only one person in your car: the driver. Far and few between someone will sit next to you, could be your friend, a hitchhiker, or the person taking you hostage.

My current car has three cup-holders and an ashtray, just like the new Fiat 500. A teenage Cee'd has two cup-holders which - I have been told - are too small for anything cup-like. For some absurd reason the Mazda 3 has eight cup-holders!
This can be useful. There has never been a time when I needed the two cup-holders for cup holding. Part of that could be that I am constantly afraid I will change gear with a bottle, or that most cars have bottle holders in the door pockets as well. It also means that you can convert one or two cup-holders into a bin. You can place bits and sweet wrappers in there. If it makes your life easier add a small bag. This way emptying it is easier.

Twice a year the cup-holder-bin will receive a thorough cleaning. The world keeps turning, you have a little bin and can go on your merry way. Furthermore, this enables you to say, "No, I am not messy, I am a visionary."

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Comments (4)

  • Thank you!

      4 years ago
  • Great article!

      4 years ago
  • @Ian: This sounds bad enough. But I've got a question: How do you lose socks in a car? Socks are on your feet unless you take a shower or go to bed. This baffles me ...

      4 years ago
  • I've discovered this problem is really exacerbated by children. Add several pounds of cereal, discarded socks (seriously, where did the other one go!?), and toys that are so-last-week, and you have the cupholder of a parent.

      4 years ago