Tamiya TRF419X

The Tamiya TRF419X is Tamiya's current top end Touring car. Electric 1/10 is regarded by many as the ultimate RC racing class, the cars run brushless motors and can reach speeds of 80mph. This class of racing has many international drivers competing in large events, and the racing is very close and precise.

The TRF419X has a 2.15 carbon lower deck for more flex. It has a floating motor mount, with symmetrical mounting points. The front bulkheads are able to be adjusted to change the length of the upper arms to change the way in which a car can roll into the corner.

The car is 4WD and has two belts that drive the front and the rear differentials. The front is a solid spool, this gives more speed out of the corner, and reduces initial turn in. The rear is a gear differential, this can be tuned with different oil thickness to make the car more or less responsive around the corners.

The shocks are low profile, to lower the COG. The car uses titanium and alloy screws to keep it light.

Tamiya have won the most world championships than any other manufacturer in this class, and with their excellent driver line up they are always competing for the win.

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