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Tank Jumping & More in Russia's Army Olympics

Russia's Army Games pit armies against each other

Russia's Army Games are back for their fifth year, and they're bigger than ever. These pit the armies of primarily totalitarian governments against each other and lasted from August 3rd to 17th. For the first time this year, the games had locations outside Russia, including Iran, China, and India.

Among others, Russia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Angola, Cuba, Armenia, Azerbaijan, India, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia competed in the games this year. Most participants are allies of Russia, with many of them having ties stretching back to the days of the Soviet Union. Many of these nations have totalitarian regimes. The US has been invited to participate but has declined. However, the US, France, Slovakia, and Turkey all sent observers to the games.

Many of these countries, due to their ties with Russia, use Russian equipment in the 30 competitions, which include a tank biathlon, bridge-laying exercises, and a field kitchen competition involving baking bread. The competitions are fairly realistic and judge the skill of the armies.

Russia's Military of Defense has released a lot of information about the contests to the public, including the videos above. China has also revealed that they won at least two competitions.

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  • Russian games are the next level of normal games.

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