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Tanner Foust sends his V8 powered VW Passat drift taxi down a drag strip

The former Formula Drift competition car takes on a 1000 hp MkIV Supra.

42w ago

In recent years if you have heard the name Tanner Foust (besides Top Gear USA) you were probably hearing about him because of what he was doing in a rally car. Long before he went sideways on the dirt he went sideways in the Formula Drift series earning a few championships.

He made a slight return to FD a few years back just getting his feet wet in a few events and that brings me to this vehicle. His Volkswagen Passat LS7 V8 powered ex-Formula Drift competition car turned drift taxi. The thing is insane with a 8 to 1 header to exhaust collector and puts out 850 horsepower.

Watch the video above to see how that 850 horsepower fairs against a 1000 horsepower MkIV Toyota Supra.

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Comments (8)

  • Drift taxi... I want a ride!!

      9 months ago
  • Power to weight, supra lost already, plus its stock car, with lots of HP, it’s , LS engines are torque monsters. If you wanna win a drag, torque is king

      9 months ago
  • Says 1000hp and the tuner says 700 hp 🤔

      9 months ago
  • okay, that HEADLINE though .... that belongs on the subreddit r/BrandNewSentence.

      9 months ago
  • The sound of it! 🤤

      9 months ago