Targa Cannibale by Onassis Porsche

And by sudden, there was this echo of a blown 3.3 pulsing through the valley. Birds aired, surreal reality. Pearl chain infront of the gate got longer

Behind the gate, area of the Cannibale quarry slowly filled, dark clouds blewn away and rays of sun reflected on the paints of several decades. Like this, more then 120 cars made their way to third annual edition of Onassis Porsches Tunnel Run staight into heart of beautiful Neandertal at 2nd of September. Everyone was present, dudes from around the corner but also gauchos of far Madrid / Spain with more or less 1500 miles (one way!) wanted to be part of this event and simply drove it. Id say: balls. Team round Tom of Onassis Agency just did a good job, miracled a cool atmosphere onto dusty area. Hipster of the day might call it cosy stylish – places to relax and with caboosevan of Bordsteinschwalbe and coffee do Bazzar bar was raised. Easy listening as support gig waved through rooshers lounge and lighting felt just right.

But, nothing was able to top that linup on site. 935, 550, SWB´s and LWB´s, 356ers .... more or less anything our beautiful wide Porsche world ha to offer. But way more then this, for example beautiful loud rev limiter spec of Dorians 635CSI was way more then just a „space filler“ for his heartless 911.  And by fairytales it was told that Helen´s Autobianchi has been driven in circles aound Olivers old clockwork orange.... Has been driven? Ah, of course there was somethng like that! In a eye catcher of booklet there also were nice short trip ideas for participating people. Using these, more or less often some dudes left the ground for heading around just to find their way back not that long later. Yummie pastrami burger, raffles, competitions and way too many possibilities for nice talks teased the people more often to just dont turn the key and stay on place. Hasnt been bad at all as it just was a all around nice and relaxed thing. Later the evening, sun just started to say goodbye, colorful ambiant lighting that was hung by rooshers team started to do the magic and people just moved a bit closer. With the love of one or more Andunion cans even colder temperatures were ignored and we can say that it was a all around nice day. Clock just hit 10 pm as it finally was time for award winning ceremony straight in center of some yellow headlight rays. And  of course, the one who has balls to move his 1965 Porsche on space saver wheels over here in Germany, is a well rewarded winner of wildest wheel award. And who else then a wild bavarian that has had about 72 hard hours of wrenching just to make his way to the show could be the Boss cannibal winner?!? Right, no one at all! And so, finally we are able to say that this years event even with a lots of changes compared to last year, was a very total package for everyone. It stays interesting what this crew will do next year at „Traingle of Madness“ with all those crazy people that are attending ....

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