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Taumr Sutton Wins 2019 KCKA Libery Cup

Full race video from the rear bumper of second place Chase Koenig

1y ago

Video of Tag 60 Liberty Cup Race from KCKA Liberty Mo. The video is from 2nd place rear bumper. Thank you to Scott J Wilson.com for the incredible photography from race day. Also a big shout out to the sponsors of these young athletes. (Full Race)

Scott J Wilson donates his time and effort to show off the excellence of these young stars through his terrific professional photography and imaging. Please consider him for any imaging or photography needs you may have. All of the photos in the article were taken and are owned by Scott J Wilson.

Starting from pole position Oliver Cunningham sadly lost a chain a few laps into the race retiring early from the mid afternoon heat.

Starting in second position and a fierce competitor Taumr Sutton ultimately won the day. Congratulations Taumr!

Starting in third place David Gharst had a chain fall off on lap two. Although it did put him contention for the race win the flag man got his chain back on and he resumed racing almost getting a full lap back prior to race finish.

Starting in fourth position Chase Koenig drove a consistent race handing him second place in the winners circle.

Coop Trunks our newest Tag 60 club member starting 5th motored his way to a third place finish on the day. That's enough to boost him into the second place points standing for the year.

The race day started in the wet and ended in the heat. Thank you to everybody to came out and supported our KCKA Kart Club. A big thanks also to all our sponsors that make this all possible!

KCKA had a short article published in July at the Courier Tribune. That can be found by clicking here.

More onboard video has surfaced from the tag 60 race. Enjoy

Until next time, the guys over at Fairfield Motor Sports Inc. will take us out today.

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  • Whoah, I didn’t know you wrote in-depth race reviews! Wait is one of them your son?

      1 year ago
    • Yes Chase is my son.

        1 year ago
    • Most of the video's at the kids in karts_ tribe is our Kart racing journey. Both Kevin and Chase started racing when they turned 5 years old.

        1 year ago