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Tavarish turned the most famous Yugo into a race car

Because of course he did, what else would you do with one?

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Oh the Yugo, the only reason some of us probably even know about the existence what was once the country of Yugoslavia.

The Yugo is a subcompact hatchback hailing from the no-longer-existing country of Yugoslavia. It started life as a shortened variant of the Fiat 127 with production starting on November 28, 1980. This box on wheels actually received a facelift and was renamed the Zastava Koral, which allowed it to be marketed until November 11, 2008! The total production number of Yugos/Zastava Korals is 794,428 cars.

The Yugo was marketed in the United States from 1985 to 1992 by Malcolm Bricklin, who you might know for creating the Bricklin SV-1. A total of 141,651 sold cars with popularity falling around the 90s, as only 1,412 were sold in 1992 compared to the 48,812 sold in 1987. It was pretty much hailed as one of the worst cars ever with terrible build quality and reliability.

If you've been around the metaphorical block that is the YouTube automotive scene, you might recognize this particular Yugo from Aging Wheels and Doug DeMuro's channel, making it the most popular Yugo on YouTube for whatever that's worth. It's powered by a 1.1L Fiat engine that, when it ran, made somewhere around "slow" horsepower. Of course, this one doesn't run and looks like it just came from some of WWII's most violent battles.

The original plan was to fix the stock engine but when certain "mishaps" came about, that plan was quickly scrapped like this car probably should have been. Now it would be very rude of me to spoil what happened to this car if you haven't already seen it so here's what we're going to do. Go watch the part where he rebuilt the car.

And now watch the most recent video where he gives it back to its rightful owner. Go on, I'll wait right here for your return.

That was pretty rad wasn't it? I thought so too. While I'm not the biggest fan of the wheels or the bumper delete, I would rather have it looking like that than see it get crushed at a scrapyard. Big ups to Freddy for taking yet another neglected project car and turning it into something worthy of the road once again. Although saying that, whether or not a Yugo is worthy of anything remains a matter of debate. What do you think of how this car turned out? What would you have done with it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Coming from exYu and having a Yugo as a family's 1st car in 1991, I salute the idea...

      20 days ago
  • You can take Tavarish out of Jalopnik, but you can't take the Jalopnik out of Tavarish, for better or worse.

      21 days ago
    • That's why we love him

        21 days ago
    • Eh, probably here, but I remember the shite he took from many of us on Oppo and Jalop back when he was writing there, and even after he left (and went through phases of utterly pissant loads). But he cares, still, and was just as cross at Jim...

      Read more
        21 days ago
  • If I remember correctly, the boys on the original top gear USA turned a yugo into a "rally car" and sold it at auction

      19 days ago
  • Wow a race yugo

      21 days ago
  • wow where did he find that 🤣🤣

      21 days ago