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One BMW M760Li has been brought to Finland. And no wonder that it's the only one.

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Every car that is imported into Finland has to be declared for a car tax. This car tax is based on the vehicle's CO2-emissions. The car tax that has to be paid for an imported car (used or new) to have it registered in Finland has sometimes caught the Finnish media's attention.

The information on how much car tax has been issued per vehicle is publicly available at the national tax administration website. Browsing through these excel files is one my most favourite pastimes. To follow on how car tax evaluation changes from year to year and look up ludicrous taxes that someone has had to pay is very entertaining as you can imagine.

This time one car caught my attention. One brand new BMW M760Li has landed on our cold shores. And it is currently on sale for a modest price of 389 900.00€. Let that sink in for a moment. Almost 400 000€ for a luxury limousine that is not a Rolls Royce.

I'm sure you're now interested in how large of a portion of that price is car tax. Well, the tax administration evaluated the taxation value of the M760Li to be 357 902.00€. Based on this the tax administration issued a 166 782€ and 33 cents car tax to be paid.

Proof of this massive car tax and an X1 to compare with.

Proof of this massive car tax and an X1 to compare with.

Simple mathematics teaches us that 42,8% of this car's selling price comprises of car tax. To put this insane taxation into context a brand new BMW M760Li in Germany costs 171 800€. Only 5 000€ more than the Finnish car tax.

The price of a BMW 760Li on bmw.de

The price of a BMW 760Li on bmw.de

The lesson to learn here is this. If you want a BMW M760Li in Finland, go to Germany, buy one and for the 218 100€ you saved buy a nice house in Munich and stay.

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