Taycan VS. Model S: which is better?

It seems that all automakers are going nuts trying to make electric cars. But the performance-EV market is pretty empty (in part because Richard scared all the automakers from making them). The only prominent names that come to mind are Tesla, Porsche, Rimac, and Lotus. And out of those four options, two brands make cars that the average person really can't afford (Rimac and Lotus), and the other two make cars that the average person could buy if they were willing to skip a house (Tesla and Porsche). Or a family. That being said, which is better: the Porsche Taycan or the Tesla Model S?

People as a whole prefer the Porsche. Why?

Before creating this article, I put up a series of polls to receive input on why people like the Taycan more. And the polls left no doubt which automaker was superior: 79.3% preferred the Taycan, while 20.7% preferred the Model S. I was expected a fairly mixed bag of results, so when I found out that the Taycan was the clear favorite, I put out a poll to figure out why everybody liked it so much better.

Porsche’s build quality speaks for itself. Tesla, even being around for a decade, still manages to make random uneven panel gaps, misaligned trims and bad paint jobs that you won’t find in a much cheaper Honda.

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The most common reason why people prefer Porsche is the brand name. People prefer the Taycan because of the name brand backing it: Porsche. Another reason is that that Tesla's build quality isn't on par with Porsche. The panel gaps, jagged edges, and peeling interior trim in some Teslas definitely back this point. Porsche's have beautiful interiors, and lots of people enjoy the "normal" interior compared to Teslas futuristic (but poorly executed) interior. As for the third reason, Porsche has the money to back up their cars, while Tesla isn't the wealthiest company. Essentially, the future could prove rough for Tesla. And finally, the general design of the Taycan was enough to flush the Tesla out of their dreams. Its the exterior seems to be preferred over than the Tesla's more conservative design. It's generally always the smaller things that make people want one brand to the other, and between these two automakers, it's no exception.

The Tesla wins over the Taycan in multitude of ways, and it's only fair that credit is given to Tesla. One clear way is that Tesla is better than Porsche their charging network. Tesla has plenty of charging stations, and they are showing no signs of slowing down the production of the stations. Porsche, however, will be like any other electric vehicle: they will only be able to be charged at home. Furthermore, Tesla has more advanced technology. Now, whether or not the technology is safe or not is a different story, but auto-pilot, the giant screen, and being able to play games on that screen (to name a few) are really cool features that you can only get from a Tesla.


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The performance of the cars would lead you to believe the Tesla would win this battle. The Tesla P100D has 315 miles of range, in comparison, the Taycan has 280 miles of range. For those who aren't counting, that's a 25-mile difference. This would lead you to believe that the Taycan is much faster for there to be such a big difference, but you would be wrong. The Tesla has a 0-60 speed of 2.28 seconds, while the Taycan has a 2.8 0-60. The Tesla produces 588HP, or 438kw, and 920 lb-ft torque, while the Taycan produces 750 horsepower, or 551kw, and 774 lb-ft torque.

So what do you think? Why do you think the Taycan is better? Make sure to check out the poll and put your thoughts in the comments!

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