Tea Pot One: Ask Me Anything - with Bruce Smart

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It's no secret we're big fans of Bruce Smart (AKA TeaPotOne) on this tribe.

There's a lot to be said for just getting on your bike and riding into the unknown. Bruce did just that, covering 74,000 miles through 54 counties in 442 days!

Our first question has to be - how many tubes of piles cream did he get through?...

The affable Scotsman could've chosen a BMW GS and taken a support team with him. Instead he did things the hard way - solo on Suzuki's GSX-R1000.

It was an epic rollercoaster trip that he's since documented on his YouTube channel as well as in a book

Ask Bruce Anything!

If you have any questions about motorcycle travel, leave them in the comments and Bruce will answer them exclusively for DriveTribe.

Whether it's his choice of tyres for travelling the world, what piece of gear he values the most, or his favourite country.

Ask him in the comments and we'll make sure they get answered!

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  • What happened to New Zealand footage Bruce. I'm off there next year and would a loved to watch that. Am up to Episode 11 now and thought you would at New Zealand not Chile.

    10 months ago
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    • Welcome to Drivetribe Ian!

      10 months ago
    • Hi Ian, I didn’t get to NZ unfortunately,

      Didn’t have the time or money, was absolutely gutted!

      Will go back one as I have family near Hawkes Bay

      10 months ago
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  • Always happy to answer any questions folks so feel free.

    1 year ago
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    • Hi Bruce. I'm CHARLIE. I''ve watched your round the world trip now and wondered why there was no footage of New Zealand. I'm off there with my bike BMW K1300 GT EE next year for 5 weeks...

      Read more
      10 months ago


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