Team Calibur 1:24 Ryan Newman 2006 Alltel Dodge Charger

Super cool car... not a super cool year for Ryan.

Since I shared Ryan's Action Racing Rookie car yesterday, let's keep the theme going and today you can feast your eyes on his stellar looking 2006 car. If looks could win races this would get a trophy for sure. But, 2006 was not a good year for Ryan. In fact, after winning just one race in 2005 he would go winless until Daytona in 2008.

This Team Calibur 1:24 scale car is from their "preferred line". Not on the elite scale (which I believe were referred to as "owners" series cars). But this car still has a lot of great details that get overlooked in today's cars.

First and foremost, the paint scheme is AMAZING! Once again, some cars just look fantastic with color scheme matching wheels. While so-so on the track, this version of the Dodge Charger looks sinister and sporty. Team Caliber did a fantastic job with details like metal mesh grille, logos on the engine. Suspension details etc etc. Even the center caps on the rims are different between the front and back. So cool. I love the rims especially which are details and are in a mesmerizing shade of blue to match the car.

I had only intended to add 1 Ryan Newman car to my collection. But shortly after I picked up his rookie car I stumbled upon this one and could not resist mainly because the paint scheme is just amazing (to me). Plus, nobody seems to care about his older rides so they are super cheap. haha!

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