Team HARD's Boardley set to drive BMW in 2020

Carl Boardley of Team HARD will race a BMW 1 series in 2020...

1y ago

The latest news for the 2020 BTCC season is that Team HARD will run an ex WSR BMW 1 series with Boardley behind the wheel.

The multiple National Hot Rod champion has purchased the 125i M sport and believes the switch to his preferred layout of front engine/rear drive will help him progress up what is one of the most competetive fields in motorsport.

Boardley finished 29th in the standings this year with a season he admits " had its demons". Team HARD boss Tony Gilham hopes this switch will help them explore different avenues for when they inevitably want to ditch their VW CCs.

Boardley finished 2019 with a total of 5 points.

Boardley finished 2019 with a total of 5 points.

Both Carl Boardley and Jack Goff will be returning to Team HARD for 2020 and established BTCC competetor Mike Bushell will also be entering the team. The fourth driver is yet to be confirmed.

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