The history When Henri toivonen saved the entire lancia rally team

Lancia Delta S4 at 1985 Monte Carlo Rally_

Lancia Delta S4 at 1985 Monte Carlo Rally_

In December 1985 we had rented a small plane from 6 places to fly to Grenoble.
Me, Henri, Markku and our co-driver had to start reconnaissance ahead of Monte Carlo with the new Delta S4.
Henri, with passion for flight, he sat next to the pilot. In the area of ​​Grenoble, was night, a thunderstorm raged strong. but there was the fog, at low altitude, which had make the landing difficult.
We could not see anything. We were very tense, silent, with airplane swinging.
Suddenly a turn, sudden, brutal, scary!

Henri Toivonen after a victory with his Delta S4_

Henri Toivonen after a victory with his Delta S4_

We were safe only thanks to Henri quick reflexes

Miki Biasion

Henri had been to pull the stick violently: the captain had not noticed that the plane was crashing against the control tower. Henri had seen the obstacle a few meters and had acted on instinct.
There were only saved thanks to his quick reflexes.
Inside the fuselage we were white as death.
"Really cool," said Henri in Italian to lighten the moment.
We landed later in Lausanne.

That night I called Cesare Fiorio to tell him what happened and advance him that we asked for a nice expenses refund.
We took lodging in the best hotel and we went dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town.
With still weak legs, but we drank champagne.
We were alive by a miracle thanks to Henri Toivonen.

Taken From "unpublished History of a great champion" of Miki Biasion


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