Tearing down an Engine in All Its Beauty.

If you haven’t seen this video already, you need to watch it. This stop-go animated teardown of a Mazda MX5 engine is incredible.

3y ago

The video was painstakingly shot over six day by a company called ‘How a car works’. It was created to advertise their series of educational videos that will walk any amateur mechanic through the process of stripping and rebuilding an old car.

And what better car to use than an MK2 Mazda MX5. Not only is the MX5 hailed as one of the best handling roadsters money can buy. But they are also very affordable, partly attributed to their age but also due to their simplistic engineering and the cars popularity, there is an abundance of them out there. And spare and used parts are ten a penny on the market making it the ideal platform to learn the most basic of spanner skills on.

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