Tech challenge - comment the most useless tech gadget

The more useless and pointless - the better. Let's go!

This is a "USB-C adapter" which cost around $20 and does absolutely nothing. It's described as "10 Gbits per second adapter" which is created to plug two of the MacBook Pro's Thunderbolt 3 ports and to give you . . the same number again, but with a nasty catch. Thunderbolt 3 ports support speeds up to 40 Gbits per second, display output and charging up to 100 watts. That's per port!

This thing supports only 10 Gbits per second (which the manufacturer has stamped, using the wrong measurements) for the two ports combined, 30 watts of charging and no display output whatsoever. So plugging it in a MacBook port is like cutting its balls off, excuse my comparison. I dare you to find a gadget that's more useless than this thing!

The rules

1) Find a useless tech gadget and post in the comments - picture and a short explanation as to why it's useless.

2) Post it before New Year's eve. That's the deadline.

3) The winning comment with the most useless gadget would win some coins. No set amount - the worthless the gadget, the higher the prize.

4) Please - no Tesla cars or old Lexus infotainment systems. Let's keep it decent.

Lights out! πŸš₯ Go go go!

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Comments (76)

  • This cutie, it would've been very useful

    If it actually would suck up more than some bits of dust


      1 month ago

        1 month ago
    • I have a mini version of that it’s the worlds smallest series it’s actually so bad

        1 month ago
  • ITyprwriter (Ipad + Typewriter)

    This abomination of tech just function as an experience typing a message in the iPad USING A TYPEWRITER! Now, the F you in this gadget is that it will have the same problem in the old typewriter

      1 month ago
  • USB Pet Rock

      1 month ago
  • Don’t think I’ll find anything more useless than your USB C adapter, but I’ll see what I can find

      1 month ago
  • Apple Polishing Cloth.

    $19 for something every pair of sunglasses usually has for free. Just for a white cloth with an Apple logo.

    And you thought AirPods were bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1 month ago