- The Carbon Fibre Sport Package from TECHART!

TECHART Release Carbon Fibre Sport Package For The Porsche 911 GT3!

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German tuning company TECHART have released a carbon fibre Sport Package for the new Porsche 911 GT3 at the Essen Motor Show in Germany. The show has been labelled as the Germany version of SEMA, and TECHART chose a show in their home country to show off their new tuning package for the GT3.

The German tuning company have given the GT3 a revamp!

The package, available in matte and high gloss carbon fibre finishes, replaces the standard body parts and carbon trims with their own parts. The package includes a new front spoiler, with air intakes, along with new side skirts, a rear wing and a new rear diffuser. The tuning company have also added a new exhaust system, which can be finished in carbon fibre or titanium.

The GT3 gets lots of carbon fibre!

TECHART also add a new wing

The whole package sits on home-designed 20" Formula IV race forged wheels. Inside, TECHART have added a new steering wheel and upgraded the interior to match the exterior colour. It's not all aesthetic though, the German company also offer performance upgrades for Porsche models, including engine enhancements that can increase the power output to 720BHP!

Owners get an interior to match!

The finished product is gorgeous! What do you think?

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