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Techniques For Better Driving

1y ago


Driving is something most of us do almost sub-consciously. We have been doing it for years, we have developed a few driving habits and those habits have become second nature to us. But, there is always scope for inculcating better driving techniques, in the interests of safety, fuel consumption and comfort.

Cover Blind Spots

Make sure you use all the mirrors at your disposals to cover blind spots. Adjust the side mirrors so far outward that they are just covering the rear-view mirror.

Don’t get Distracted

Shut the mobile off, keep the music volume at comfortable levels and don’t get worked up. As the song goes, keep your eyes on the road and the hands upon the wheel.

Signal at the right time

Use your signals at tAmber means Slow – Not the opposite he right time. Use them too early and the driver behind will think you have switched them on by mistake and use them too late and use risk an accident.

Amber means Slow – Not the opposite

Remember that when you see the amber signal from far away, it is not an invitation for you to go faster. It is a warning for you to slow down and prepare to stop.

Keep a good distance

When moving keep at a least car length between you and the car in front. If stuck in traffic, allow the car in front a few feet to roll back when it engages gear.