Ted Kravitz gets rude text while showing his phone to cameras live on Sky F1

Next time he is going to put it on aeroplane mode...

3y ago

The thing about live television is that anything can happen.

It's the high-wire act that live TV presenters around the globe have to do every time the director gives them their cue - and you can bet every one of them has a story about when it went wrong.

Today, Sky F1's fearless pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz has another story to add to his repertoire after a moment during his 'Ted's Notebook' broadcast after the Brazilian Grand Prix.

If you don't know the format, Ted makes his way down the pitlane or the paddock running through the race from each team's point of view. It is broadcast live and along the way Ted grabs anyone he can find for a chat - and his show was memorably taken over by a retiring Jenson Button after his final race in Abu Dhabi last year.

Sometimes Ted uses his smart phone to show viewers a technical drawing or a snap of a new part on a car.

After Sunday's race he pulled out his phone to show the cameras a picture of a very young (but no less blond) Brendon Hartley.

At that exact moment Ted received a text message from someone saved in his phone as 'MSY'. The message consisted of a single word and, well, it was not one really for a teatime audience.

Poor old Ted. Next time he'll be putting his phone on aeroplane mode....

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Comments (14)

  • That moment when you see word "cock" and immediately think about certain mister James May

      3 years ago
  • Must have been a message from #JamesMay

      3 years ago
  • My theory is that that is a 'friend' who knew he was on! My other theory is that he will be using flight mode on the notebook from now on!

      3 years ago
  • Well, he is. Completely. Add Crofty to that text message as well. Can never find the remote fast enough to mute either of these phalluses.

      3 years ago
    • 3 years ago