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2y ago


We are almost over the hump to become a public tribe. I think we can grow this tribe into something cool as DriveTribe continues to expand and grow. Do me a favor and invite any friends who might have an interest in vintage Mustangs to join this tribe!! We really need the public status to achieve any kind of growth.

I thought I would be able to recruit more people from the VintageMustang forum website to come over and join up, but so far haven't had many takers. I really want this to become the premiere pre-1973 Mustang tribe, and I'll continue to find cool stuff to post, and hope you guys will as well. Thanks for joining!! -Todd

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  • Sweet, we have gone public! Feel free to post anything related pre '73 Mustangs! Lets see your Pony cars!

    2 years ago


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