Tell us about your favourite driving road!

6d ago


You know how it is. You log on to DRIVETRIBE and as usual it's chock full of photos and articles about the latest and greatest new models from the world's car makers. You scroll through the road tests and news articles eager to learn more about all the exciting new metal on offer. How quick is it? What's it like to drive? Will there be an manual version? You need to know, and you need to know NOW. But then, you get so caught up in the excitement that you make a fatal error; you start telling someone else about it.

This happened to me yesterday, when I was staring intently at a rear three-quarter photo of the new Toyota Supra published in Tim Rodie's excellent first drive story (which you can check out HERE if you haven't already). Okay, I'm still not totally sold on the front-end looks of the Supra, and the jury still seems to be out on whether it should bear the name, but from the rear, and especially in yellow... My God that thing looks good.

But then it happened. Just as I was admiring the car on my PC screen a colleague leaned over, took one look at the sporty Toyota basking in the sun and uttered the line we petrolheads never* get tired of hearing; "Yeah, it's cool. But where can you really drive a car like that these days?"

Now, usually I would've just turned round and retorted with something along the lines of "Anywhere you can drive your crappy little Corsa." But it actually got me thinking.

These days all we ever seem to hear about when it comes to cars is bad news. Whether it's feigned squeals from faux-environmentalists who are far more interested in the tax breaks in place for electric car drivers than any holes in the ozone layer. Or the relentless war on motorists started by governments desperate to fill their coffers with cash that I'm surprised that they haven't started telling policemen to pull drivers over for sneezing at the wheel.

I started to think of all the great roads that I'd love to drive if I ever got my hands on a Supra. I thought about the places where I could take it out early on a sunny Sunday morning and give Toyota's new coupe a really good pasting, places where I could find out for myself whether or not it truly lives up to the hype. Perhaps surprisingly, before I had even thought further afield than ten miles from my house I'd already come up with three or four brilliant roads where I could really get stuck into it. Then I got to thinking that it can't just be me, that I know the world is full of amazing roads and I wondered which of them would be the most loved.

So that's why I'm here today. To ask you, the good people of DRIVETRIBE to comment below telling me where your favourite road is, and why you love it.

It doesn't have to be an essay, and there are no right or wrong answers. But I'd love to hear about some of the roads that you guys love to drive from all around the world!

Join the discussion! Tell us about your favourite road in the comments below!