Ten of the best Android / iOS racing games we played in 2018

24w ago


Mobile racing games are great for those moments when you're away from your PC or games console or simply prefer a touchscreen driving experience. The problem is that are just so many to choose from and quite a few are non-starters.

To help spare you the hassle and maximise your gaming time, DriveTribe has rounded up 10 of our favourites we played in 2018. Be sure to also check out our preferred big screen racing games, too.

As per usual, this list is in no particular order. We just love numbering things. You can, of course, argue away in the comments regardless or suggest the mobile racing games that kept you up at night. Happy New Year!

1) FR Legends (Android, iOS)

Drifting is a big part of car culture and one of the better examples on mobile is FR Legends. Though a little tricky to get the hang of at first, its compelling challenges and car customisation makes it worthy of your time.

2) Grand Prix Story2 (Android, iOS)

Yeah, so we are rank 130...

You never actually drive a car in Grand Prix Story2, but that's okay because this free racing game is still hugely addictive. The idea is to manage a racing team, including developing cars that win you lots of money and glory, and then watch the race unfold.

3) Asphalt 9: Legends (Android, iOS, PC)

Asphalt 9: Legends follows on from where Asphalt 8: Airborne took off. Featuring more than 50 cars, a lot of circuits, 800 or so challenges and HDR-inspired visuals, it can be easy to get hooked although there are alternatives out there that are more hands-on.

4) Real Racing 3 (Android, iOS)

Yet another Gran Turismo wannabe, this free racing game from 2013 has gone from strengh to strengh despite being plagued by pesky microtransactions. Arguably, it is the best mobile racing game for those who prefer circuits to streets, thanks to decent visuals, a wide array of game modes and online cross-platform multiplayer.

5) Need for Speed: No Limits (Android, iOS)

Want a slice of explosive action to go alongside your time at the touchscreen wheel? Need for Speed: No Limits will be a good shout, mainly because you get to enjoy high-octane races with the po po in hot pursuit. Short and sweet races await.

6) CarX Drift Racing (Android, iOS, PC)

Who needs to worry about nudging the apex when you can shred tyres in Tokyo Drift fashion? Even better, you can do so without getting an ASBO if you play CarX Drift Racing, which is well under a gigabyte of glorious sideways action.

7) CSR Racing 2 (Android, iOS)

Want a mobile racing game that only cares about drag racing? CSR2 should do you proud, because it only cares about drag racing. You know, when you drive as fast as you can in a straight line against another equally souped-up car. Change gear like a pro and mad propz is yours, get it wrong and you'll need another engine from Spoon.

8) Trials Frontier (Android, iOS)

The original Trials and Trials HD were some of the best motorbike games on PC. While the mobile version, Trials Frontier, is less enjoyable, it still lets you enjoy the brilliance of trials in a way your eyes will be pleased with. Just don't expect an easy ride.

9) Horizon Chase Turbo (Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One)

Taking you back to a time when Gran Turismo was just a twinkle in Kazunori Yamauchi's eye, Horizon Chase Turbo is the 16-bit arcade racer follow-up to Horizon Chase - World Tour and comes with super cheerful visuals to back up the super arcadey experience, which can be had solo or with fellow retro racing game fans.

10) Riptide GP: Renegade (Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC)

Forget cars for a second, Riptide GP: Renegade has gone all, erm, renegade because it features jet-skis. High-powered ones, actually, capable of huge jumps that let you perform some gnarly (is that still a word?) tricks. For a break from road racing, it's well worth considering.