Tentative formula drift 2017 schedule

    Formula Derp snapped a picture of the schedule for next year while at sema

    4y ago


    March 31/1 ~ Long Beach CA

    April 28/29 ~ Orlando FL

    May 12/13 ~ Atlanta GA

    June 2/3 ~ Wall NJ

    July 14/15 ~ Montreal QC

    August 4/5 ~ Monroe WA

    Sept 1/2 OR 8/9 ~ ?? TX

    October 6/7 OR 13/14 ~ Irwindale CA

    It should be noted that these are tentative dates and not set in stone.


    1) Orlando has been moved from June (3/4 last year) to before Atlanta. As a result, Atlanta has been a week later and Wall has been moved back from mid June to early June.

    2) Orlando Speed World is only a three year contract. The track might not be used after this year due to the facilities being sub par.

    3) Texas is not specifically Fort Worth.

    4) Pro2 will likely be - OSW, ATL, TX/NJ, ??/AZ?

    Source: www.instagram.com/formuladerp

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