Terrifying video captures the moment a Toyota Corolla plows into a Tesla

2w ago


Soooooo this is terrifying.

What you've just witnessed is a Tesla recording from its rear facing camera where an early model Toyota Corolla plows directly into it.

There's not much to go by on this except for the video description, which reads:

"The signal light at the top of the highway on ramp was active and alternating to stagger traffic during morning rush hour. The vehicle appeared to not be attentive to the signal or traffic as no attempt to stop or slow was made. I don't know if there were any serious injuries resulting from the collision. You can see the vehicle ahead of mine was also hit by the offending vehicle after mine was hit. My vehicle was eventually rendered a total loss, but no life-threatening injuries were sustained by me. Two driver airbags were deployed upon the car impact with the signal pole."

There's no details on the aftermath of this crash except that the Tesla driver wasn't injured, but hopefully all parties are OK. This is also a sobering reminder to pay attention when you're driving as the most likely cause here is distracted driving. Put the phones down people!

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Comments (27)
  • “The vehicle appeared not to be attentive...” I HATE sentences like that! Of course the vehicle wasn’t. It’s not supposed to, the driver is. The mind set that constructs this type of sentence is the same mind that says we need self driving cars. Grr

    18 days ago
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    • Just more of this bs of not holding people accountable. We don't want to sound accusatory, just say the car did it.

      17 days ago
      2 Bumps
  • What happens when a driver used to automatic braking gets into a car without it

    18 days ago
    13 Bumps