Tesla and Land Rover named most unreliable car brands

Is this what you expected?

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In a recent study done by Which?, Tesla and Land Rover were named the most unreliable car brands.

The survey covered 35 different car brands and included 47,000 different owner's opinions on the matter. This means that over 55,000 cars were accounted for and the results show that sometimes, money doesn't buy you reliability.

Land Rover was the only manufacturer out of the 35 in the survey to score one star out of five for both 0-3 and 3-8-year brand reliability which doesn't reflect too great on them. One of the main issues was problems with diesel cars and MOT rules affecting exhaust emissions.

Another big issue with JLR products are the infotainment systems which are particularly unreliable with Land Rover SUVs, especially the current Range Rover Sport (2013-) and the Range Rover Velar (2017-).

On the other hand, there is Tesla which happens to be the second-most commonly owned electric car brand in the survey is Tesla (just behind Nissan, with the Leaf hatchback) but its reliability issues have turned out to be rather shocking, despite this.

The seemingly desirable Tesla Model S and Model X both received the poorest possible mark for 0-3-year reliability due to high fault rates and lengthy garage stays at Tesla.

On top of this, Tesla has been known for poor build quality, with things going wrong within days of some customers collecting their brand new car. These may just seem like teething problems but don't forget, Tesla is now the world's most valuable car company and this is not acceptable.

Following this data, Which? said: 'If you take anything away from this, remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a reliable car. Premium brands rarely offer reliability as part of the price'.

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Comments (48)

  • I can’t say I’m surprised. One keeps hearing about Tesla’s quality control and reliability shortcomings. You’d think that this would be their primary objective. On the other hand a reliable land rover would just be one oxymoron too far!

      24 days ago
  • Idc, I still love LR and Range Rover. Tesla can go away and I wouldn't effing care

      24 days ago
    • I agree

        24 days ago
    • Whatever, I have a Model 3, next level, zero problems so far, only did a refill on the washerfluid.

      JLR can go away AFAIC, because redundant expensive Dinoburners.

      (I'm trying to be just as obnoxious as you, how am I doing so far?)

        24 days ago
  • Not surprising at all. Everyone knows that the bumper to bumper warranty is a Land Rover/Range Rover owner's best friend, hahahaha.

      24 days ago
    • no best JLR owner friend is replacement car you get in dealership ;)

        24 days ago
  • That sounds right. I work in a garage and yesterday my foreman recovered a ‘70 plate Land Rover of some kind with a charging fault, it’s only down about 250 miles

      24 days ago
    • Shocking!

        24 days ago
    • Not particularly... I have worked on several Land Rovers and I would only describe one of them as good, a 2011 Defender owned by a farmer who keeps it in very good condition

        24 days ago
  • tesla could have been making electric cars in small numbers like Lamborghini, or Ferrari. or Maserati. I think Elon wants to rapidly increase electric cars and change the scene of cars forever. before any oil companies or Coke brothers try to debunk electric cars.

      24 days ago


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