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Tesla, Audi and Porsche will have to face serious competition from BMW

One more brand on the electric car market!

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BMW intends to make up for lost time on brands such as Tesla, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes in the electric car segment. Already next year, the Bavarian brand will launch the iX3, an electric variant of the very popular X3 SUV. The i4, which will rival the Tesla Model 3, will follow. However, there is still one vehicle missing to compete with the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron GT.

According to the Italian media Autoblog.it, BMW's answer will make its debut around 2024-2025 with a large sedan called the i6. In addition to competing with the Model S and Taycan, the car will also compete with the future Audi E-Tron GT and Mercedes EQS. BMW has already given us a glimpse of the future i6 with the BMW i Vision Dynamics concept unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

On this concept, we could already see the large grille that will appear on the next generation BMW 4 Series. The overall design of the concept doesn't seem too extravagant and should easily go into production with minor modifications. We still don't know what motors will be under the hood of this i6.

There could be a base version offered with two different electric motors. One would develop about 200 hp and the other about 300 hp. A sporty version of the car is of course planned. If it were to exist, the future i6 M would have to develop around 650 hp, which would put it in direct competition with the Taycan Turbo and its 625 hp. On the battery side, the i6 could offer a 90 kWh battery for 350 miles of range and a 120 kWh battery for 430 miles of range.

Photo credits BMW

Photo credits BMW

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Comments (22)

  • Is it like a requirement for most EVs to look hideous

      10 months ago
    • But Porsche looks better than the others

        10 months ago
    • Yeah, the Porsche looks good, except for the headlights, they're just... I don't see how people like them

        10 months ago
  • You act like BMW is new to the EV market, and they aren’t. Really, out of all the Germans, they were the first

      10 months ago
    • We can consider this big comeback as new beginning for BMW.

        10 months ago
  • Bmw should just get rid of the grill. It is ugly and EV does not need a lot of cooling

      10 months ago
  • If the BMW EVs look anything like that, Audi and Porsche have nothing to worry about because these BMW EV concepts are some of the ugliest looking cars I’ve seen.

      10 months ago
  • "Serious competition" The Beamer would break down before it got to the track. 🤣

      10 months ago


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