Tesla ‘Cheetah Stance Launch’ mode makes Model S and X even faster off the line

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From factory, the top end Tesla products are time shatteringly fast. The Model S P100D is one of the fastest accelerating cars around able to complete the 0-60mph sprint in just 2.5 seconds. If you’re thinking that that simply isn’t fast enough for a family saloon; first off, you’re insane, secondly, you’re in luck.

Twitter user greentheonly has recently posted an interesting discovery they made showing a new mode available in Model S saloons and Model X SUVs. Called the ‘Cheetah Stance’ mode, it is designed to improve traction and therefore, reducing the time it takes the electric vehicles from reaching illegal speeds.

The mode reportedly lowers the front ride height creating Red Bull F1-style rake and adjusts the damping settings. Softening the springs allows the car to sit back into the road and the tyres to grip the tarmac better. In turn, this means the wheels are more likely to bite into the road and produce organ deforming acceleration.

Although the update only came out in the past few days, DragTimes has already managed to create a video about the new additions. From what the presenter explains, the new procedure means the Tesla Model S should be an even more consistent supercar destroyer at the drag strip. Furthermore, you can see just how much the suspension setup actually changes when the car is put into Cheetah Stance.


With such a low benchmark, the 0-60mph time was never set to drop massively with the new mode. However, DragTimes has tested acceleration with it and has managed a 2.4 second run making it around a tenth of a second faster.

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