Tesla double charges customers causing chaos

How long does it take to get your money back when your double charged by Tesla? Lets find out.

5d ago

Recently Tesla customers purchasing their new cars were charged twice or double billed for their car purchases. For those who paid cash via ACH it was especially painful. ACH transfers from a checking or savings accounts are instant cash transactions that can't be easily cancelled or disputed. Customers paying cash via ACH either saw 6 figure amounts withdrawn from their account or their accounts overdrawn resulting in banking fees when purchasing their new Tesla cars recently.

A youtuber Everyday Chris was one of those such victims caught up in the chaos. He explains his experience as, "one of the most stressful deliveries I've ever experienced in my life!"

Tesla has refunded the people who were double billed for their new car purchase last month. They also sent an Apology email offering a $200 credit at the company online store. What's become clear though is a lot of unneeded chaos was created primarily because of a lack of clear point of contact for such problems as well as the time it takes to get your money back. There are numerous reports of it taking a week or more for the funds to be returned to accounts.

Let me know what you think about going without over 50K for a week or two in the comments below.

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