Tesla faces delivery crisis

21w ago


Tesla boss Elon Musk has tweeted that the brand is in "delivery logistics hell" with lots of unhappy customers awaiting delivery of the Model 3.

The tweet below is from a frustrated customer that's had her delivery date moved several times. She tweets a picture of 42 new cars sat awaiting delivery and mentions Mr Musk in it.

Musk replied saying that the company was again suffering production issues, this time blaming "delivery logistics hell", although he reassured the customer by saying that it "should be solved shortly".

Tesla delivered 18,499 Model 3s during the second quarter of the year and Mr Musk is assuring his customers that the problem will be resolved shortly, however no indication of time has been given.

Model 3

The Model 3 is Tesla's lowest priced car and is a huge success in the US already despite the delayed deliveries. It costs $35,000 in the States which makes it dramatically cheaper than the other models in Tesla's arsenal.

A 220-mile range and a 0-60 time of only 3.5 seconds make this an extremely attractive car for someone looking for a quick, spacious saloon. Battery range can be extended to 310 miles by going for the Long Range Battery option. If that's not good enough, you'll have go for the Model S or the Model X which both cost considerably more.

UK deliveries are unlikely to be affected by the delays as production of the right hand drive Model 3 isn’t due to begin until 2019.

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