Tesla fanboys are sending Mustang Mach-E owners death threats

There's a line, and some Tesla owners have crossed it. It's only a car!

6d ago

Cars are wonderful tools which have the power to bring enthusiasts together. It's lovely to see the JDM crowd mixing with the hardcore-muscle car lot etc. But some people take it too seriously and therefore too far, like these Tesla fans.

US Army veteran, Sergio Rodriguez decided he wanted to buy a brand new Ford Mustang Mach-E to sit alongside his Tesla Model X. As a way to enjoy his new car, he recently completed a cross-country road trip and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, someone had to spoil his fun by treating him horribly on social media.

It came to the attention of the Detroit Free Press that Rodriguez and another Mach-E owner, Jace Craft-Miller were receiving death threats from Tesla fans on Facebook and Twitter. The 87,500-member Tesla Owner Worldwide private Facebook group, in particular, has been a source of this abuse.

Rodriguez said: "One was, like, 'I hope the car loses control and crashes.' Or 'The car is going to catch fire when you're driving i't. I took that as a threat. For you to have any kind of ill will on anybody, why would you say that? Then someone privately messaged me, 'You're full of s*** and I know what your Tesla looks like. If I see it…' That private message on Facebook was more threatening."

Due to this abuse, Rodrieguez even said: "Part of me wants to get rid of my Tesla just not to have the association. A couple here and there, OK. But folks are commenting and saying disgusting things. 'You let big oil buy you?' and 'How much are people paying you?' "If that's what's associated with being a Tesla owner, why do I want to be part of that group? It's not cool."

Thankfully these comments were reported and taken down on FaceBook, but it doesn't stop these senseless arses posting them again. If you don't like someone else's car then that's fine because everyone has their own opinion, but if you start sending death threats over it then you need some serious help.

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Comments (31)

  • Tesla. Tesla. Tesla.

    Innovate company ruined by Elon Musk stans and smug middle class parents who think they’re saving the world.

      6 days ago
  • They need to chill, people are allowed to choose certain cars over others. Quite frankly, I'm siding with the Mach E owners.

      6 days ago
  • Tesla fanboys are some of the worst people to interact with. They are not enthusiasts like we are, brought together by a shared mutual love of cars, they are fanatics, whose loyalty lies nowhere else and any valid criticism is considered heresy. What they hoped would happen to the Mach-E would more likely happen to the Model X.

      6 days ago
  • The irony is that Elon himself welcomed the Mach E when it debuted, saying something about how more competition in the EV space makes all the companies involved more innovative and therefore better

      6 days ago
    • Exactly, but these people only see what they want to. Selective sight and hearing. Only focus on the bad.

        6 days ago
  • They really are up their own (and Musk’s) arses

      6 days ago